About Life Safety Specialists, Inc.

Life Safety Specialists, Inc. was formed in 1988 to provide site-specific
competency based training to clients in the industrial, municipal and healthcare industries.

We have provided training to hundreds of clients throughout the New England
area. We have also provided our services to the Emergency Medical Services of Ireland and Israel.

We are now providing our training and consulting services to include E-learning
and site-specific hazard analysis and problem solving.

We are rapidly expanding into the area of Emergency Management. Our consulting services
include Corporate and Community NIMS/ICS implementation and training programs, as
well as Emergency Response Plans & Vulnerability Assessments for
the Water Sector and General Industry.

Ray Lussier Jr., CET Ray Lussier Jr., CET, MEP   
  Ray has over 30 years of service in the water/wastewater sector, the fire service and safety  industry. He
is a retired sate of Maine Fire Instructor. His past experience includes positions as a Class III Operator
for the Auburn Water District and owner of Mainline Pipeline Services. Ray currently serves as a trustee
of the Paris Maine Utility District and as a standing member of the MeWarn. Ray founded Life Safety Specialists, Inc. in 1988 to provide site-specific competency-based training to
clients in the industrial, municipal and healthcare fields. As a NETA Certified Environmental Trainer, Ray
has trained water/wastewater operators, firefighters and rescue team members throughout the Northeast. In addition, he has
written safety programs for facilities throughout Maine, including Maine EMS, and Maine Fire Training & Education. Ray has further served as a contributing writer to the 1998 edition of the TR-16 Guides for the Design of Wastewater Treatment Works and for the 2008 edition of the Industrial Fire Brigade Manual published by Jones & Bartlett.

Tom Denison Tom Denison      
  Tom began working with Life Safety Specialists, Inc. in 1988. He now serves as the Chief Operating
  Officer and is responsible for day to day operations and for the Health Care Group. Tom's position is 
  backed by fifteen years experience as a safety instructor/consultant in the Long-Term Care industry.


  David Wacker, CFPS 
   Dave  started his career with a large multiline insurance company in New York and  moved into the healthcare 
field in the New Jersey area. Dave has served on the NFPA 99 committee and was also on the Board for the
International Society of Fire Instructors, representing industry. He is also a past Fire Chief from a department
in NJ and is currently a Safety Officer for the HHS Region I, DMORT teams. Dave worked as the Director of
the Workplace Safety and Health Division of the Maine Department of Labor for over 15 years. Dave will provide
Safety Audits, Policy and Procedure Reviews, Accident Investigation and will assist with OSHA or Bureau of
Labor Inspections.


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